Posted by: Stephen | February 24, 2011

#112 – Word on the Street: Donna’s Story

Half the Church Podcast 

Donna Stone

Episode #112 – Word on the Street: Donna’s Story (2011/02/24, 20:01)

This week HtC Podcast producer Ben Fike shares the story of Donna Stone, Minister to Youth at the Clear Lake Church of Christ in Houston, Texas.


  1. wow! donna is a dear friend and mentor! thanks for sharing this amazing story about this amazing pastor!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! Donna Stone is not only comfortable in her skin, she is humbly and unafraid to be obedient to the Spirit. The mention of the “12 girls” is right out of Act 6. Peter’s instruction that the disciples select 7 men is not masculine gender. It is akin to asking for 7 persons without gender specifications. That the disciples selected all men is not to say women were excluded. Perhaps the disciples were no less timid about including women in the task of ministering to widows than the church is today about women in other ministries today. This is refreshing!!

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