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  1. Dear “Half the Church”,

    THANK YOU! for this blog/podcast. We need to hear these stories. I am a life long CofCer, graduated from ACU (’98) and currently part of a CofC congregation in St. Louis, MO. Our church has expanded the public role of women (serve communion, pray, read scripture, co-teach adult classes, preside at the table) but we are not yet fully egalitarian…but I hope to be able to soon say we are. There are a few of us currently working with our leadership to study and pray about taking the final step to truly and completely remove gender as the deciding factor in how members serve the community. I thank these women for their courage and honesty. You are not alone and I pray and believe God will honor your call (and other women) to use your gifts for His Kingdom. If I can be of assistance in any way to this conversation, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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