She is Formed (2011)

The audio recording of “She is Formed” is available on iTunes.


“In Jesus’ baptism, ritual action and language combine. So it is with all our baptisms, with all our participation in the life of the church. We are told who we are.
We know this to be true, but were reminded of how profoundly significant spiritual and personal identity formation is for women in Churches of Christ when we heard the story of four women preparing for ministry in Churches of Christ. They described being sent very clear messages as young girls about who they were and what their place was in the church’s life. Those descriptions led us to want to know more about how young girls in Churches of Christ are being formed, about what they are being told about themselves.
The narrative we offer here is a reflection on conversations with eight girls ages nine or ten that attend Churches of Christ with their families.

If you are a part of a gender inclusive congregation of Churches of Christ or know of one click here.

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