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This podcast features interviews, resources, book reviews, stories, and reflections to extend the conversation about gender inclusivity in Churches of Christ. You can find many of these on iTunes, including “She is Called” (2010) and “She is Formed” (2011).         


Episode #100 – She is Called (2010/09/21, 38:52)

In the Spring of 2010, Olivia, Naomi, Amanda, and Laura were students in Abilene Christian University’s Graduate School of Theology.  They reflect on their experience as females in Churches of Christ called to ministry.

Episode #101 – One Week Later (2010/10/27, 8:42)

After the release of the audio file, “She is Called,” the responses to the story of Olivia, Naomi, Amanda, and Laura were almost overwhelming.  They sit down to reflect on the responses to their story “one week later.”

Dr. Jeanene Reese 

Episode #102 – Bound and Determined (2010/11/09, 7:22)

Dr. Jeanene Reese visits about her recently published book, Bound and Determined: Christian Men and Women in Partnership (Leafwood Press, 2010).

Episode #103 – Departures and Arrivals (2010/11/16, 8:24)

Reflections on the impact of the practice of gender exclusivity in Churches of Christ upon women, young and old.  We hear words from those departing.  We hear words about those arriving.

Laura Clark

Episode #104 – Preaching’s Voice: “Honest to God Lament” (2010/11/24, 8:38)

A conversation with Laura Clark about preaching and a recent sermon she preached on lament.

Listen to the full sermon here:

Episode #105 – Gender Inclusive Church of Christ Congregations(2010/12/1, 9:04)

Dr. Lynette Sharp Peyna and Stephen Johnson speak about recent research conducted this last year to identify Church of Christ congregations that have found gender inclusivity important enough to talk about openly and act upon positively.

To read the Executive Summary of this research, click here.

To view a map of congregations and locations, click here.

Episode #106 – FEATURE PIECE: Getting it Right and Wrong all at the Same Time(2010/12/8, 14:03)

Dr. Jennifer Thweatt-Bates

A feature piece by Dr. Jennifer Thweatt-Bates who narrates, from her own experience, the identity forming power of Christian communities (what Churches of Christ do right) and the crisis it creates for many women (what Churches of Christ do wrong).

To read a manuscript of this Feature Piece, visit Jennifer’s Blog.

Episode #107 – What’s the Bible Say About That? (2010/12/15, 10:08)

The first in an occasional series of conversations about scripture, hermeneutics or biblical interpretation, this podcast features a conversation with Jamey Walters.

To read more of what Jamey has written on this topic, visit his blog.

Krystal Leedy

Episode #108 – Saved From Silence (2011/0/19, 6:21)

Krystal Leedy reviews the book Saved From Silence: Finding Women’s Voice in Preaching autobiographically.

Episode #109 – How We Got There (2011/01/26, 9:28)

Dr. Lynette Sharp Peyna is interviewed about research exploring predictors of gender-role attitudes in religious contexts.  Read a summary of her research here.

Episode #110 – Preaching’s Voice: “Created in the Image of God” (2011/02/09, 9:30)

In our occasional series entitled “Preaching’s Voice,” we speak with Tara Harmon about the sermon she preached recently entitled “Created in the Image of God.”

Listen to the sermon here.

Episode #111 – What’s the Bible Say About That? “An Open Letter” (2011/02/16, 8:24)

In our series “What’s the Bible Say About That?” a portion of author Frank Viola’s “Open Letter” thinking about the nature of scripture and interpretation as it pertains to the participation of women in the life of the church.

Read Viola’s “Open Letter.”

Episode #112 – Word on the Street: Donna’s Story (2011/02/24, 20:01)

This week HtC Podcast producer Ben Fike shares the story of Donna Stone, minister to youth at the Clear Lake Church of Christ in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Steven Moore

Episode #113 – If I Were A Boy (2011/03/09, 12:10)

The 2008 release of the song “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce Knowles provides the backdrop for this week’s conversation.  Dr. Steven Moore, Assistant Professor of English, joins the podcast to chat about engaging students in questions of human personhood and gender.

Episode #114 – I Permit Not a Woman, P1 (2011/03/24, 18:16)

In our series What’s the Bible Say About That?, a conversation with Dr. Christopher Hutson about 1 Timothy 2. This is part one of two, dealing with the social and historical contexts in which the Pastoral Epistles were written.

Episode #115 – I Permit Not a Woman, Pt2 (2011/04/12, 23:33)

In our series What’s the Bible Say About That?, we continue the conversation with Dr. Christopher Hutson about 1 Timothy 2. This is Part Two of two, dealing with how we might interpret this passage in a contemporary context.

Episode #116 – A Letter to the Brothers (2011/04/20, 8:44)

A little levity goes a long way.  This episode of the podcast offers us a bit of satire in our conversation around 1 Timothy 2.  Our friend, Brandon Pierce, writes “A Letter to the Brothers.”

Episode #117 – Word on the Street: Voices from “The Hill” (2011/04/28, 14:59)

Producer Ben Fike hits the streets and asks students on campus for their thoughts about the participation of women in the public life of the church.


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