Posted by: Stephen | January 19, 2011

#108 – Saved From Silence

Half the Church Podcast

Krystal Leedy

Episode #108 – Saved From Silence (2011/01/19, 6:21)

Krystal Leedy reviews the book Saved From Silence: Finding Women’s Voice in Preaching autobiographically.


  1. I apologize for my slow reply. My point, Krystal, is that women (and men), sisters and brothers advocating the preaching ministry of our sisters in the church have an expectation. That expectation is that they we move beyond the prefered influences of culture in our terminology and stories towards the scriptures. Again, I would understand the reliance on these terminologies and stories from someone who has not received training in ministry, but this is not acceptable of one who would stand before the people of God.

  2. I continue to listen for both men and women involved in and developing the ministry of women in preaching. What I continue to hear is much of what Krystal Leedy presents in her review of this book: Little girls grew up in shame, guilt and devalued to become women silenced in the church in a psychological binding of half of the church.

    I do not take issue with this psychology and culture-speak. There is much truth to it. However, is this what the church who feeds on the scriptures ought to be fed by the same women who “feel called to ministry?” There’s definitely a biblical basis of authority for women in ministry, but psychology, culture-speak does nothing to teach, awaken and enlighten the church according to the scriptures. I would find it no more persuasive or enlightening to hear a man tell me he “feels called to ministry” than I would a women. Allowing that neither individual had the training to which he or she aspires such terminology (such as “gender inclusivity”) from those who have received that training seems lacking in biblical authenticity.

    • I’m not sure I follow your argument, Gil.

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